Throw In

Soccer throw-in technique and tactics is one of the more deglected skills of the game of football. With the correct technique, effecttive training drills, and some tactical awareness, a team cab make much better use of opportunities during a game.

The throw-in technique starts by gripping the ball firmly, but comfortably. The ball is brought back over the head, and the back is arched. Using the full extent of the arms, and the power of the back and shoulders the ball is released in front of the head. The feet position is a matter of personal preference with some player standing square and other placing one foot in front of the other. The final ingredient is to add a short run to generate rhythm and momentum.

Tactics at the throw-in in soccer depend on where on the pitch the throw is being taken from. In the attacking third of the pitch, the objective is to get the ball into the penalty area as soon as possible either by a direct throw, or by creating an opening for a cross. In the middle third, the tactic should be to make forward runs. In the defensive third, the team must play safe, and try to create space to clear the ball away from danger. Useful tactics for creating space are overlapping runs, sudden changes of direction and decoy runs. In an overlapping run, players run towards each other overlapping in the middle. A decoy run could take a marker away from the player, you would like to throw to.