Thigh Control

Thigh control skill in soccer is required when the football arrives at awkward heights above the knee, but too low to head or chest down. The key is to withdraw the thigh on impact to cushion the ball. It’s also possible to deflect the ball by rotating the thigh and glancing the ball to the side. Only a small nudge is usually necessary to guide the ball, and coaches should encourage players to deflect the ball and turn in one movement.

The thigh can be used to knock the ball up for the volley. This type of control can only develop with plenty of practise, and with good judgement and concentration.

Juggling the ball is a great way to improve soccer thigh control skills. Volley-football is another great training method as well as being a fun game. It is volleyball, but without being allowed to use the hands or arms. The illusration shows a simple exercise for individual training. More exercises, tips and video demostrations can be found in Soccer Academy, the multimedia coaching programme for children, parents and coaches.