Soccer Shoes

Check list for buying soccer shoes:

There are two types of studs, namely moulded and screw-in. The screw-in type have the advantage that the studs can be changed according to the type of ground you are playing on. So you can take one pair of boots to the game, and change the studs if necessary. If your feet are suffering on hard pitches with blisters, there are several things to try. Use studs which are designed for hard pitches. Use boots which have a larger number of studs, so that the pressure is more evenly distributed on your foot, or use a padded instep in your boots. Always wear boots. Training shoes are likely to slip when you turn on grass. Astro-boots, which have large numbers of pimples on the sole are not suitable either. They are specially designed for Astroturf, but not for use on grass.

Care of your Soccer Shoes (Football Boots):