Side Volley Pass

The side volley pass is the technique to use when the ball arrives at a height above the knee, but below the waist. Using the side volley skill the ball can be passed first time to a team mate, anywhere on the field. Both the inside and outside of the foot can be used to direct the ball over a wide angle. The side volley pass using the inside of the foot is illustrated, but only a change in angle of the foot is needed to use the outside of the foot to direct the ball behind you. Soccer Academy, is packed with football coaching tips, training exercises, tactics, high quality video and animations, and is available only on CD-ROM. On this web site you will find lots of soccer tips, general information and useful links on this site.

The side volley pass requies getting sideways on to the ball, and lifting yourself up high on your non-kicking foot. The ball is punched away using the inside of the foot. Timing is important as for all volleys, so you should be careful not to snatch at the ball.

The trajectory and sound you make as you strike the ball are indications of whether or not you have got the technique right. There should be a crisp “ping” or “pong” sound, and the ball should take a flat trajectory rather than baloon into the air.