Over Head Kick

The overhead kick is a great football technique, and it requires a lot of skill to perform well. Often, we see players who attempt an overhead kick that is sliced or a complete miss, but sometimes it produces spectacular goals. A recommended soccer drill for beginners is to kick a football hung from the cross bar, and this training for the overhead kick is illustrated below.

Both feet must leave the ground for the overhead kick to be performed properly. The method is to jump off the kicking foot, and to throw the head back so that the body follows. At the point of contact with the ball, the upper body should be almost horizontal to the ground. On landing, try to keep the arms flat on the ground, and arch the back. Several players, including professional ones, have injured themselves attempting an overhead kick, so the landing is important, especially on hard pitches. Following this advice is entirely at your own risk! In particular, avoid landing on your head, the base of your spine and your elbows.

You can get the feel for the movement by hanging a ball in a net from the cross bar or other tall object, and kicking over head without falling over. Start with the ball at waist height, jump and kick with the same foot. Next, raise the ball higher and concentrate on throwing your head back and getting your non-kicking foot airborne. A landing mat is advisable. This and other more advanced training exercises and drills are described in Soccer Academy, football coaching software for children, parents, and coaches.