Lofted Kick

The lofted kick is the soccer skill used to play the long ball, cross the ball into the penalty area, and to clear the ball from defense. Apart from the chip, used for short-range kicks, this is the only technique for lifting the ball into the air with real power.

This soccer skill uses the instep as for the basic kicking technique, but it is important to strike low down on the ball to generate lift, and to lean back slightly. Beginners sometimes find it difficult to balance properly, and it is important not to fall too far to the side as you kick. Using the non-kicking foot as a firm anchor, and putting your opposite arm out for balance will help. Another useful tip is to try to place the non-kicking foot slightly in front of the ball instead of level with it.

It is important to obtain distance from your kick as well as height. Do not just kick the ball as high as possible. The object is to kick the ball high enough to clear any opposition players, but extra height is not necessary.