Kicking Technique

Soccer kicking techniques range from basic shooting and passing skills up advanced techniques, such as bending the ball around a wall and overhead kicks. We start with coaching the basic skill of using the instep for kicking at goal, and passing the football. Follow the links for tips on other soccer kicking techniques.

The photographs demonstrate the right and wrong way to kick a football. The instep, the part of the foot where the laces are, provides both power and control. The most common mistake made by beginners is to use the toe. Not only is this painful if somebody tackles hard when you are trying to kick, but it is terribly inaccurate. The advantage of the instep is that it presents a flat surface to the ball, and can also be used to make the ball swerve and dip.

The non-kicking foot provides support, and should be bent as you kick. When we want to keep the ball on the ground, the head is down, over the ball. The follow-through should be long and smooth, and another useful tip is to approach the kick slightly from the side whenever possible.

This basic soccer kicking technique is often overlooked, because it is so simple. The real skill is being able to kick accurately whilst under pressure, and it is far more important to consistently excel at this basic skill than to be able to perform fancy tricks. Useful drills for beginners include passing the ball in pairs over 10-20 metres within a narrow corridor, and for sole training kicking at targets on a wall. More drills, including those for more advanced players are described in Soccer Academy , our coaching program for children, parents and coaches.