Football juggling skills and tricks are not just a means of showing off. They are excellent training methods for improving ball control, first touch and general technique. Many coaches recommend starting a coaching session, whether it be for youth or adult players, with five minutes juggling the ball. Juggling helps a player to develop a sensitive touch for the ball, that is, being able to control the ball coming at varying speeds and directions. It also helps to develop relexes and concentration.

In soccer, juglling can be done using the top of the foot, the sides of the foot, the thigh, or the head. There are also a number of tricks that involve throwing the ball up and catching it. The ball can be caught using the top of the foot, the thigh and stomach, and even the back of the neck. All of these skills take a lot of training.

The goal with juggling is simple - always try to beat your personal best score of how many touches you can make without letting the ball fall to the floor. Beginners can start by juggling with the foot, and allowing the football to bounce once between touches. They should progress quickly to not allowing the ball to bounce at all.