Heading Techniques

Soccer heading techniques are vital for air power in the game of football. The team that dominates in the air can win the ball in the vital danger zone in front of the six yard box both when defending and attacking, and that team can win the ball from long goal kicks. Heading skills also enable a team to use the long ball tactic bombarding the opposition with long passes towards their penalty area.

The correct part of the head to use is the forehead as shown in the photograph. This is the hardest and flattest part of your head, and it will give you better control over where you want to make the ball go as well as giving greater power.

You often see youngsters playing football who can play the ball well on the ground, but are clueless when the ball is played in the air. Often the problem is a fear of getting hurt, but once they learn to head the ball properly using your forehead, there is no danger. It’s advisable for young children to start heading by using a soft ball rather than a leather one.

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