Glancing Header

The glancing header technique provides versatility, and disguise in the air. When it isn’t possible to face the direction in which you want to head the ball, or you want to dusguise your intentions, you can deflect the football off the forehead. This soccer skill is important in front of goal to direct the ball past the goalkeeper, and anywhere on the field for passing to another player.

The ball should be struck off the center of the forehead, not the side of the head. Deflection is produced by turning the head just before impact, and the amount of deflection depends on the angle that the head is turned. A potential error is to allow the head to sway to the side instead of keeping it inline with the ball.

A simple, but effective, soccer drill for the glancing header is for three players to form a triangle. The first player chips the ball for the second player to head to the side for player three. Next player three chips the ball, and player one heads the ball. Each player gets an equal turn at heading, chipping and receiving the ball. If the quality of the kicks are poor, then it is best to throw the ball.