Foot Control

Foot control skills in soccer, include the first touch and close control using the inside, outside, top and bottom of the foot. A skillful first touch gives a player time and space in which to move with the ball or find the best pass. Players who let the ball run away from them are always under pressure, because they allow time for opponents to close them down, or even lose the ball completely.

Control with the foot when receiving the ball requires a soft touch in which the foot is withdrawn or “gives” on contact. The amount of give depends on how quickly the ball is coming. Players should move to the ball, not wait for it to come to them, get into postion early, and watch the ball carefully.

The inside of the foot is the safest technique for receiving the ball, and shown in the photograph. It is a safe method that allows the ball to be taken on the move, whereas the old fashioned method of trapping the ball with the sole (underneath) of the foot involves stopping the ball dead. Receiving the ball with the top of the foot and outside of the foot are more difficult skills, but the principles of relaxing and withdrawing the foot on impact are the same.