English Soccer

English soccer is a huge topic. We have pages on the history of soccer , the England national team, English soccer leagues and links to news sites where you can find the latest scores on every game in the English soccer leagues.

The highest point for English soccer came in 1966 with victory over Germany in the World Cup Final, and no English national team since then has been able to repeat that success. The top English league is the Premiership consisting of 20 teams, and replacing the old First Division of 22 teams. In recent years, the gap between famous clubs at the top, such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool, and those at the bottom has been widening. This is partly due to the greater purchasing power of the richer clubs.

The old second, third and fourth divions have become the Nationwide league, and are largely unchanged from their predecessors. The only major change is the play-off system in which four teams finishing 3rd-7th in the league play against each other for the third promotion place. Under the old system, the first three teams were promoted.

English soccer continues to have a large number of semi-pro and amateur leagues with hundreds of thousands of people playing soccer on a regular basis.