Dribbling flicks and tricks in football or soccer are fun to do, and great for getting past defenders, creating space and showing off to your friends and coach. Many of these skills require hours of training and all of these soccer skills must be perfected before trying them in a game.

A selection of tricks is presented here, and others are described in Soccer Academy, the soccer coaching program from Mastersport Multimedia. We show how to play the dummy backheel in another section, and the move can be taken a stage further. In stead of deliberately missing the backheel by moving the foot over the ball, the backheel is played, but the other foot is positioned behind the ball, so that it richochets forwards off the foot. The skill is to be able to control the ball so that it goes forward in front of you rather than at an acute angle, especially at speed.

Another stop-start move is to step on the ball with the sole of one foot, and then kick the ball forward with the other foot. The aim is to do this as one movement without actually stopping. Hopefully, the defender will try to stop, and be caught off balance.

The next trick is to trap the ball between your legs, and jump over your opponent with the ball between your feet. Be sure to grip the ball tightly.A variation on this is to move your legs towards your opponent and flick the ball out into the air over him. Don’t use this trick if there is a second defender behind the first one, and it is difficult to control how far forward the ball goes.