Cryuff Turn

The Cryuff turn in football is named after the Dutch international Johan Cryuff, who made the move famous. This turn and other turning skills are presented here, and they should form an essential part of any soccer coaching programme.

In the Cryuff turn, the football is played between the legs, so that the ball ends up on the opposite side to that which the defender expects. With the ball on your right foot, position yourself as if you are going to turn to the left, or to pass or cross the ball to the left. Then flick the ball between your legs, and make a quick turn to the right. Meanwhile the defender is left flat-footed and surprised. Starting with the left foot, the move is reversed; shape to turn or pass to the right, flick the ball between your legs, and turn to the left. In both cases, the turn should be a quick pivot.

Remember that the Cryuff turn is a type of dummy, so don’t overuse it during a soccer game. If the defender “reads” the move, he will be able to take the ball quite easily.