Corner Kicks

Football corner kick techniques, tactics and training are covered here. Corners are excellent goal scoring opportunities, because the football can be crossed directly into the most dangerous area on the pitch, that is, just in front of the six yard box. A well directed header from a corner kick into this region is all that’s needed to score a goal. In general, corners are directed towards either the near or far post, but there are other useful options, such as a flick-on in front of the six yard box, or to play the ball back to the top of the penalty area for a shot.

The kicking technique for taking corners is usually to use the instep, and to kick low down and slightly across the ball to generate lift and apply spin to the ball. The spin produces swerve, and makes the cross harder for the goalkeeper to cut out. The outside of the foot can also be used to take corner kicks, but most players prefer to use the instep, because it is easier to control.

The corner kick is usually aimed in front of the six yard box, but not into the six yard box itself. Anything inside this area will be easily caught by a skilled goalkeeper. Apart from the near and far post crosses, and the flick-on, another option is to play the ball short for a team mate to play the cross. The idea is to change the angle of the cross, and get the ball closer to the goal.