Chest Control

Chest control skill in soccer is often required to bring the football under control from awkward heights. Chest control technique is quite varied, because the chest can be used to pass the ball and drop the ball to feet, and to deflect the football through all angles, even behind.

In all chest control skills, the best technique is to present the whole of the chest to the ball, rather than attempting to take the ball sideways on. The ball can be deflected to the side by turning the upper body on contact. When passing the ball, the chest is kept rigid, but to stop the ball, the upper body should be relaxed, and the legs are used to drop the chest on impact like dropping a platform.

When the ball is bouncing upwards from the ground, the best method is to get over the ball, and deflect it into the ground. If the ball is arriving on the full, point the chest upwards at an angle to the ball. The 360 degree turn is achieved by deflecting the ball behind, and ducking underneath the ball as it passes.