Attacking Header

Attacking header techniques are football skills for directing the ball downwards to score goals, and win the ball in the air. The key to the attacking header is to get the eyes over the ball, so that you are attacking the ball from above. Soccer coaching drills, tips, tactics and training are presented in detail in our soccer coaching software , Soccer Academy.

The attacking header requires getting the forehead and eyes over the ball, so that the ball can be attacked from above. Beginners often have trouble timing the header, and end up hitting the nose or the top of the head, so coaches should start young children with a soft ball. Obviously, it’s important to watch the football carefully! Balance is another point to watch, and beginners should try to get their feet into position early, so that they are behind the ball. Better players should work on meeting crosses on the move, so that their momentum helps to add power to the header, and to avoid being caught static by defenders.

Several factors help to obtain power in the attacking header. The shoulders can pushed forwards and the back arched before attacking the ball. The upper body should be kept in a straight line, not falling away to the side, and much of the power comes from the neck muscles. It’s very important to be positive.

A simple training drill is illustrated in which the ball is thrown against a wall, and headed below the line. Numbered circular targets can also be made. More exercises and soccer drills are illustrated in our soccer coaching software . This web site describes other heading techniques, soccer skills and drills, and contains football information and links.